Steam Droids Time Trials

File name: Steam Droids Time Trials.swf
Play Count: 38740
Category: action,adventure,shooting,guns,robots,shoot-em-up,kill,defend,kizi,friv,
Description of Steam Droids Time Trials game:
Explore the world of steam droids and help our positive hero make his way to the exit in each level! Kill the evil droids, or they will kill you. Have no mercy for your enemies! Take on the Steam-bots and rescue your fellow droids in the Time Trials version of Steam Droid. How fast can you get through the levels in this frantic steam-powered shoot-em-up? Steam Droid Time Trials is an interesting platform game, where you need to shoot everything on your way which tends to kill you. I say which because you are a robot in this game and everything that is attacking you is also not alive. Beware and be ready to defend yourself.
Game controls:
Use the mouse to aim and left click to shoot. Use ARROW KEYS or WASD to move, jump and duck.

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Keywords: steam droids , Kill , evil droids , Steam-bots , Time Trials , shoot , robots , defend ,

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