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  • Crazy Balotelli
    Crazy Balotelli
    Spain won the European Cup and Balotelli isn't happy with this. He tries to take revenge on a.
    Chicken Goal
    Chicken Goal
    Score as many goals as you can against the chicken defender. Game controls: This game is played with.
    Zombie Soccer
    Zombie Soccer
    Play soccer and try not to get caught by other zombies. Don't let them touch if you haven't got any.
    Bella is a soccer junkie dress her up before she attend the world cup.
    An usual football game that can be played one-on-one as in the streets. You act as a goalkeeper, and.
    TFS Football
    TFS Football
    Play this cool top down Soccer and defeat all your opponents..
    2010 World Cup Shootout
    2010 World Cup Shootout
    Guide your National Team to the title in 2010 World Cup penalty shoot-out challenge..
    Wholl Win All The Pies
    Wholl Win All The Pies
    How many balls you are capable to stop before the time finish?.
    Mystery Soccer
    Mystery Soccer
    Make the ball to reach the goal point by discovering the correct path, amidst many obstacles..
    Slap The Ref
    Slap The Ref
    Help Didier Drog Baby Slap the Ref..
    Take the ball from your opponent in any possible way you can..
    Magical Kicks
    Magical Kicks
    It takes more than a pair of magical toes to figure out and set up where the ball goes..
    Amazing Soccer
    Amazing Soccer
    Move the foot ball inside the maze without touching the Enemy. Collect the players as many as to.
    Choose your team, play football match and try to score more goals than your opponent..
    Tobby Soccer
    Tobby Soccer
    Play a nice game of football with Tobby. Kick the ball and try to hit all your enemies before they.
    Girl Soccer
    Girl Soccer
    Try to shoot the ball into the goal of your adversary, by walking towards the ball at exactly the.
    Chicken Goal
    Chicken Goal
    Score as many goals as you can against the chicken defender..
    Strike It
    Strike It
    Test your football skills. Are you destined to find glory as a goalkeeper or are you a serious.
    Real Foosball
    Real Foosball
    Choose your favorite team in the English league and take part in this foozball championship. You.
    Go Go World Cup
    Go Go World Cup
    Show your soccer skills in front of the world..
    Footie Kick
    Footie Kick
    Hit anyone who gets in your way..
    A classical penalty shootout game that is simple but addicting, just select your favorite team and.
    Girl Football
    Girl Football
    Help the girl to get as many goals as she can..
    Goal Show
    Goal Show
    The objective of the game is to hit the targets with your soccer ball..
    3D Penalty Shootout
    3D Penalty Shootout
    Score points, defend the goal to win the game..
    Penalty Shootout Game
    Penalty Shootout Game
    Try to score as many as you can against the goal keeper..
    Penalty Shootout
    Penalty Shootout
    Shoot as many as you can in the penalty line and win the game..
    Totally Spies Puzzle 5
    Totally Spies Puzzle 5
    Connect every pieces of puzzle and see how Alex of totally spies kick a soccer ball..
    This is a weird desk game which you can also make and play on your own desk. You start with 3 coins.
    Penalty Shootout Junkies
    Penalty Shootout Junkies
    If you're a penalty shootout junky , this is just the game for you. Play as one of the two junkies.
    Shoot Em In
    Shoot Em In
    You have 10 tries to score at all the 9 levels..
    Villa Crossbar Challenge
    Villa Crossbar Challenge
    kick the ball onto the crossbar of the goal as many times as possible in the alloted time..
    Overhead Kick Champion
    Overhead Kick Champion
    Judge the incoming ball perfectly and bicycle kick it over the defenders and past the goalkeeper to.
    Vectra Footy
    Vectra Footy
    Try to score a goal from different distances. You can be a 30s, 70s or a 2006 player..
    Block Bounce
    Block Bounce
    Reach the end of the block by bouncing the ball of buildings..
    Little Zizou Sock Err
    Little Zizou Sock Err
    You can score points by both scoring a goal, and by targeting those obstructing you goal..
    Maze Game Game Play 16
    Maze Game Game Play 16
    Guide the ball to the net..
    Emirates FIFA World Cup Shootout
    Emirates FIFA World Cup Shootout
    In this final of the world soccer cup you will have to decide your luck making click on the yellow.
    Super Free Kicks
    Super Free Kicks
    Show them your skills in making goal..
    Yoo Sang Chul Hiddink Save the Home Run King
    Yoo Sang Chul Hiddink Save the Home Run King
    Home-Run King has been kidnapped and it's up to Yoo Sang-Chul Hiddink to save him..
    Goal Baby Goal
    Goal Baby Goal
    Experience the Football Fever on your computer now. Play this game! Your team is the orange team..
    Bend it Like Bendham
    Bend it Like Bendham
    Try to emulate Beckham in bending the free kicks.
    Worldcup Fever
    Worldcup Fever
    Take your country to the lead and be the one to take the world cup home..
    Baggio Magic Kicks
    Baggio Magic Kicks
    Make perfect goals as if you were Baggio. Watch the distance, the position of the human barrier and.
    Best Free Kick
    Best Free Kick
    Try to beat the defender and goalie..
    Goal in One
    Goal in One
    Your aim is to get the ball in the goal in every level without taking too many shots, similar to.
    Free Kick Expert
    Free Kick Expert
    Score goals in this soccer simulator as if you were an expert. Get the necessary points in order to.
    Super Soccer Star
    Super Soccer Star
    Kick the soccer ball with the right direction, angle, sway, power, and angle to score a goal..
    Puzzle Soccer World Cup
    Puzzle Soccer World Cup
    Choose your favorite team and win the Cup of the World facing 15 levels. Every level it is.
    Elf Meter
    Elf Meter
    Try and get as many goals as you can and get to the next level.
    Hot Shot
    Hot Shot
    Shoot as many goals as possible within the time limit..
    Robot Soccer
    Robot Soccer
    In a soccer field two robots play a game. Try to defeat the opponent goal every time you can within.
    Goal Shooting Master
    Goal Shooting Master
    Score more points against the goal defender..
    Rebotes Locos
    Rebotes Locos
    Keep the soccer ball in the air for as long as possible..
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